Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Daily 5

Ok I need your help. What is Daily 5? I keep seeing it on EVERYONES blogs and I am clueless. My school doesn't do Daily 5 and I want to know more about it! Thanks


Mrs. McHaffie

The Daily 5 is life changing :) Go to and it will take you to their website. There is tons of information there. Then order The Daily Five and The Daily Cafe, grab a pen, paper, and a highlighter and let your reading block transformation begin!
Basically, it's a reading block that allows for reading/learning independence among the students and allows for you to meet with small groups and individual conferences. It's a great way to meet the needs of each of your students on a daily basis. I implemented it for the first time this past year and have been FOREVER changed. I had SOOO many kids make a year+ growth in their reading and the kids LOVED each component of the Daily Five. It's worth looking into and if you have a chance to go to one of their conferences, I highly recommend it as well.

I hope that was helpful! :) I can't say enough great things about the Daily Five!

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check out the #Daily5 convo on twitter. There are lots of folks who are very willing to share. The CAFE website is wonderful and The Daily 5 book is a super easy read.
I have loved it this year!

Lauren Morse

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I like CAFE, its an extension of Daily 5.

C - Comprehension
A - Accuracy
F - Fluency
E - Expression

When you work in small groups you can not only group by reading levels but also what they need to work on. You can have a very high reader that does not have expression or Comprehension.

I find this very effective in my 2nd grade classroom. My students can tell you they are in the C group to work on Comprehension ect.

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